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For Security Purposes We Do Not Outsource Your Work Offshore nor Store Your Back Up Files Offline


 Your income tax returns are only as good as your bookkeeping.  We're experts at both.


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What We Do

Income Tax Services

Custom-crafted Preparation On-site

Audit Deterrence Measures

Penalty Avoidance Procedures

Proactive Tax Reduction Advice

Coordinate Business and Individual Income Taxes

Individual Income Tax

Business Income Tax


Certified QuickBooks Bookkeeping and Tutoring

QuickBooks Bookkeeping Set Up and Installation Repair

QuickBooks Bookkeeping One-on-One Tutoring

QuickBooks Bookkeeping Ongoing or Overview Services

QuickBooks Bookkeeping Catch Up and Clean Up Services

Hourly and Fixed Price Arrangements Available

Hourly Bookkeeping Rates Vary by Task Between $35 and $125


Business Profit Improvement and Valuation Measures

Improved Profitability and Increased Cash Flow

Establishing Systemized Self-reliance in Business Operations

Crisis Management and Resolution

Increased Return on Investment

Reduced Volatility in Sales, Profitability and Cash Flow

Debt Restructuring and Negotiations

Enhanced Business Value

Reducing Reliance on Business Owners

Qualified Profit Improvement and Business Valuation Specialist


How We Work


Bookkeeping Available On-site and On-line

Fees Based on Hourly, Form-Based or Flat Fee

One-time or Recurring Services

Simple Retainer-based Payment Structure

Prompt Service

Direct Access to Bookkeeping and Income Tax Professionals

What You Can Expect


Calls returned within 4 business hours

Available extended hours

We listen to you and respect your reality

We deliver what we promise

Proactive client advice and preventative services

Our commitments to you are in writing

Fast turn-around, usually within 72 hours

Client-focused and results-driven

Written core values and mission statement

Established over 33 years in serving Orange County (OC), Southern California


How to Contact Us


For Confidential Complimentary Consultation Please Call

(949) 583 1040  ∙  (877) 412 1040

or e-mail us

Please ask for Tom or Kathy


Areas We Serve

Based in Orange County, Serving Southern California Since 1976

Orange County (OC), CA

Aliso Viejo, Orange County (OC), CA ▪  Anaheim, Orange County (OC), CA  ▪  Costa Mesa, Orange County  (OC), CA  ▪  Coto De Caza, Orange County (OC), CA ▪  Dove Canyon, Orange County (OC), CA  ▪  Foothill Ranch, Orange County (OC), CA  ▪  Irvine, Orange County (OC), CA  ▪  Ladera Ranch, Orange County (OC), CA  ▪  Laguna Beach, Orange County (OC), CA ▪  Laguna Hills, Orange County (OC), CA  ▪  Laguna Niguel, Orange County (OC), CA  ▪  Lake Forest, Orange County (OC), CA  ▪   Mission Viejo, Orange County (OC), CA  ▪  Newport Beach, Orange County (OC), CA  ▪  Orange, Orange County (OC), CA  ▪  Rancho Santa Margarita, Orange County (OC), CA  ▪  San Clemente, Orange County (OC), CA  ▪  San Juan Capistrano, Orange County (OC), CA  ▪  Santa Ana, Orange County (OC), CA  ▪  Trabuco Canyon, Orange County (OC), CA  ▪  Tustin, Orange County (OC), CA

Riverside County, CA

Corona, Riverside County, CA ▪ Norco, Riverside County, CA ▪ Ontario, Riverside County, CA ▪ Riverside, Riverside County, CA

Los Angeles County, CA

Bellflower, CA ▪ Carson, CA ▪ Cerritos, CA ▪ Commerce, CA ▪ Lakewood, CA ▪ Long Beach, CA ▪ La Mirada, CA ▪ Norwalk, CA ▪ Paramount, CA ▪ Redondo Beach, CA ▪ Seal Beach, CA

San Diego County, CA

Carlsbad, San Diego County, CA ▪ Coronado, San Diego County, CA ▪ Escondido, San Diego County, CA ▪ Oceanside, San Diego County, CA ▪ San Marcos, San Diego County, CA ▪ Vista, San Diego County, CA

Service Areas by Zip Code

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Additional Services


Certified Business Valuation Services

Accredited Business Valuations

Certified Business Valuation Review Reports

Value Enhancement Services

Preparation for Implementing the Optimum Exit Strategy

Litigation Support | Consulting Expert


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Provident Financial Services, Inc.


P.O. Box 1120, Lake Forest, Orange County (OC), CA, 92609-1120


Based in Lake Forest, Orange County, CA



For Confidential Complimentary Consultation Please Call

(949) 583 1040  ∙  (877) 412 1040

or e-mail us

Please ask for Tom or Kathy


Our Full Service Lineup


Precision, Handcrafted Income Tax Preparation and Services


Income tax reduction income tax penalty avoidance income tax audit deterrence income tax planning strategies computerized modeling for alternate prospective income tax scenarios income tax preparation income tax mid-year analysis and projection pro-active mid-year income tax advice.


Certified QuickBooks Bookkeeping for Small Business


Certified QuickBooks small business bookkeeping, accounting QuickBooks bookkeeping tutoring and training QuickBooks bookkeeping set up QuickBooks bookkeeping services QuickBooks bookkeeping help QuickBooks bookkeeping clean up QuickBooks bookkeeping catch up QuickBooks bookkeeping crisis management QuickBooks problems resolution QuickBooks bookkeeping solutions profit and loss statement balance sheet statement of cash flow financial statements bank reconciliations accounts payable accounts receivable payroll payroll taxes sales tax returns workers compensation reports cost accounting small business accounting small business bookkeeping on site set up, repair set up, QuickBooks bookkeeping maintenance, restoration, reconstruction, monitoring, adjustment multi-user or single user installations desk top or on-line versions supporting QuickBooks versions 2006- 2012 job cost set up, repair and reports services available monthly, quarterly or annually plus, lots more too numerous to mention here; call us for more details.


Qualified Profit Improvement and Value Enhancement Services,

Strategies and Systems for Small Business


Small business profit improvement small business cash flow improvement small business sustainable competitive advantages small business sustainable growth strategies small business value enhancement small business organizational systems and procedures small business strategies to add value to the customer experience small business strategies to release owners from daily maintenance duties to work ON the business instead of IN the business increasing stability of revenue and earnings in small business enterprises improving differentiation of the small business compared to rivals maintaining a higher than average industry gross margin understanding the lifetime value of a customer setting realistic financial objectives, tracking actual performance against planned performance inspiring the team to get on board with a culture of excellence packaging and bundling products and services increasing the average value of the sale understanding the paradigm effect and how it affects the acceptance of new ideas, products, processes and markets increasing the frequency of customer sales improving the financial efficiency of operations establishing and tracking key performance indicators establishing the company's critical success factors developing and implementing an extraordinary guarantee policy for increasing the perceived value to the customer, thereby justifying higher prices, greater loyalty and sustainable competitive advantages nurturing the core values and vision of the founder as the company culture with the team which survives the exit of the founder developing and strengthening the company's core values establishing a realistic mission statement development and adherence to successful policies and practices effective telephone practices and procedures to capture sales opportunities on the spot learning how to let go as the owner/founder dealing with resistance to change amongst the team effective multi-media learning programs for team members and other stakeholders strategic planning and tactical planning with implementation support discovery of key frustrations of both the company's customers and of the industry as a whole to develop effective strategies for remedying these frustrations as a way to create extra value, sustain a premium pricing strategy and create a truly unique selling proposition which undercuts the competition's attempts at price cutting to gain market share crisis management danger condition solutions and strategies to prevent recurrence determination of maximum growth rate sustainable by available and constraints on working capital restructuring debt improvement of cash flow establishing standards and measurement systems for team performance and evaluation organization and implementation of customer advisory board and team advisory board for gathering information   recorded and conducted off-site development, development, clarification and dissemination of the company's USP (Unique Selling Proposition) analysis of the industry's competitive attributes for determining if the industry has good or bad competitors analysis of industry averages for financial performance with key ratios analysis of 5-year trends in stability or volatility of revenue, earnings and cash flow key indicators upon which value is based, including Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT) and Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) appropriate measures upon business value is determined and how to improve the metrics to make your small business equity increase in value and make your business more salable to the highest and best qualified buyer effective strategies to prepare your small business for an appropriate exit developing the depth in management necessary for an effective transition to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) as an exit strategy option.


Experts in Orange County (OC), CA Small Business Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

OC QuickBooks Bookkeeping in Orange County (OC), CA


Small Business Income Tax Reduction, Income Tax Audit Deterrence, Income Tax Penalty Avoidance, Income Tax Preparation


Small Business Profit Improvement, Sustainable Competitive Advantages, Small Business Equity Value Enhancement


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Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor Bookkeeper Based in Orange County (OC), CA Quickly Fixes Your Small Business QuickBooks Bookkeeping Problems by Expert Hands-on Help in Bookkeeping Services and Small Business Accounting Services, QuickBooks Training and Support, and On-going and Overview Services.  Thomas Kalajian, Tom Kalajian

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(949) 583 1040  ∙  (877) 412 1040

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